About us

Our unique common thread system is completely modular and simple to assemble – one thread, one tool.

Versatility, simplicity and elegance are the driving influences behind the Cablelink display system. Using over ten years’ experience in the signage and display industry, we have completely re-thought and re-imagined what signage and display hardware should be.

The Cablelink Design system stands apart from the rest with a common thread size and a completely modular design. Our components are designed to interact with one-another creating an infinite number of combinations. Don’t see the kit you are looking for? Go ahead and create your own!

With the Cablelink Design universal thread size, we eliminate the need for multiple tools when assembling and installing. This unique feature creates a merchandising and signage system that evolves with your needs. Cablelink Design components have the flexibility to solve any design challenge while providing a functional and simple solution.

Whether our customers are involved in retail display, graphics, signage, way-finding, furniture design, or store-fixtures, they can find comprehensive solutions to their hardware needs in our catalog of parts and kits.

Complete Production, Manufacturing & Logistics for your most demanding designs or projects.

Cablelink Design is proud to own and operate our own design, distribution and assembly facility centrally located to serve the North American market. Our components are manufactured using state of the art machining and finishing processes to produce precision, high quality parts for your signage & display needs. Our modular product line is machined from solid brass or steel and finished with a satin silver coating. Our cables and rods are made from stainless steel, no plating or coating required. Our SIMPLEbyDESIGN (SD) line of accessories is manufactured from aluminum.

These capabilities allow Cablelink Design to help you develop parts specific to your needs with rapid prototyping and delivery. We are able to follow the production process from start to finish – ensuring the utmost quality of each project.

The Cablelink Design team can provide you with a global solution for your environment, supplying glass, acrylic and wood elements to complement our hardware. Talk to us about logistics as well. You can rest assured the parts you order are delivered anywhere you need them and to as many different locations as required by your project.